Cordon Media

Cordon Labs was launched as an effort to create an environment of exploration.
This is where our products are born, developed, and taken to market.

What is Cordon Labs?

Labs is a 12 week program designed to develop top candidates in design, technology and marketing with a focus on building cutting-edge digital products. Twice a year, the top 5 students and alumni from our partner institutions are assembled into teams responsible for taking a conceptualized digital product to market. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to jump-start their career and become full-time members of Cordon’s digital production team.

Why Labs?

Students and alumni are exposed to all facets of digital product development within a condensed program under the technical and creative mentoring of
our senior staff. The program gives candidates the tools to excel in the digital landscape as well as the opportunity to become members of our team. It is
the foundation to harbour bright minds who may become the future of
this company.


Cordon Labs is a model that came out of a new hiring process. Instead of giving new grads entry level positions, we believe in giving them full control of radical projects in their infancy with a high commercial potential. This gives candidates real world experience & exposure to all facets of conceptualizing and executing digital products. Candidates are challenged with collaboration, breakthroughs, failures and successes that condense an entire product development cycle into 12 weeks. Upon completion of the program, successful candidates are awarded a full-time contract and become part of our team.

What We Look For

Twice a year, top candidates in Graphic Design, Computer Science, and Marketing are assembled into teams for a period of 3 months to develop radical new projects within these disciplines:

  • Art Direction
  • UX/Graphic Design
  • Technology
  • Computer Science/Development
  • Marketing

Partner Institutions

We take the very best graduates from our partner institutions, and we assemble teams or individuals based on what is required.