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Immersive Experiences
for the Big Screen

We build for the big screen

We build for the big screen

Building the best experience for the big screen is all about being immersive. We build spacial interfaces that put the visitor in the driver’s seat of their own digital experience. Utilizing Adobe AIR technology allows our team to build anything our clients can imagine.

Interact with your surroundings

Providing specialized hardware for digital installations allows your presentation to expand outside of the screen. Utilizing our Cordon’s own proprietary technology, we allow wireless interactions with scale models, lighting systems, mobile devices and large format displays to happen in real time. This truly takes the interactive experience to the next level.

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Our Experience Scales

In a world of short attention spans, follow up is key. We build complimentary web and mobile presentations that compliment your big screen experience. This allows for a guided on-location experience as well as a perfect take-home package for your visitors to leave with.


Utilizing analytics tools allows your digital presentation to track behaviour and speak directly to the visitor with registration forms across multiple channels. This is truly an innovative way to connect with visitors from start to finish.

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Case Studies

Interactive Touchscreen Development

The Perry Grand Opening

A touchscreen application built for the Perry luxury condominium development in Yorkville, Toronto.

Mobile App Development

Calgary Metropolitan Plan Campaign

The Calgary Regional Partnership approached Cordon Media to put together an informative digital campaign to introduce the new Calgary Metropolitan Plan.

Interactive Touchscreen Development

South Hill on Madison

A luxury condominium development designed to entice buyers to make a connection between the old and the new in Toronto’s Forest Hill area.