Cordon Media

Metlife Centre


This project was a portal site built for the new $1.6B NY Jets & Giants stadium. The site is fully WCAG 2.0 & ADA compliant as the goal was for it to be universally accessible for people with visual & physical disabilities. The site is scalable to be both screen-reader and mobile friendly.

Project Feature – Godzilla Event Feature

Given the limited CSS/HTML platform, we decided to duplicate information in engaging flash components while still keeping with compliance guidelines. The focal flash component was the header which incorporated a ‘godzilla’ concept that showcased upcoming events hovering over the new stadium.

Project Feature – Weather and Sponsor Placement

Along with showcasing events, the header portrayed a weather environment with animated clouds, snow, and rain based on real-time weather feeds and information from East Rutherford NJ (where the stadium is currently being built). In keeping with the environment we created, we decided it was fitting to give sponsors an engaging presence as flying blimps floated across this virtual environment.

Project Feature – Content Management System
via Symfony

The Content Management System allowed for a secure back-end Administrative environment that required no technical knowledge to administer. The system allowed for updating events, news, sponsor blimp graphics, media wall entries, newsletter management, analytics, and disability enhancements.

Project Challenges & Learning Points

The biggest challenge of this project was to maintain the strictest WCAG compliancy for the blind and hearing impaired while also incorporating a cutting edge user experience. To allow for a such an experience, we created a multi- layered site built from basic components to handle simple text readers and search engine crawlers. On top of that, we had an advanced Javascript layer incorporated on top to allow for advanced animations and graphics without compromising accessibility and functionality. This project was a great learning experience that allowed us to demonstrate creative flair within a constrained technical environment.