Cordon Media

The New Garden is an interactive feature showcasing the ongoing renovations
of Madison Square Garden
along with a stunning collection of newly
designed executive suites.


Channel 1 Media Solutions – An online sports marketing leader – was to create a digital sales tool for Madison Square Garden. They approached Cordon Media to come up with an interactive microsite to be used in conjunction with a presentation center experience designed to communicate the venue’s upgraded suite and partnership offerings to prospective owners and partners. The goal was to extend Madison Square Garden’s stunning new suites presentation center to an online experience to help follow up with prospective clients. The microsite was to showcase new renovations, illustrate pricing, availability, and location of the suites and amenities. The ultimate challenge was to create an online marketing piece aimed to impress even the most upscale of clients, and assist a sales team in closing deals with prospective partners.


As a historic tribute to the monumental legacy of the arena, the piece starts out with a countdown of the greatest moments in the history of Madison Square Garden. The user is then taken center stage inside the arena to a stunning real-time 3D welcome page displaying the available options. The team at Cordon created a virtual arena complete with 3D suites and live subjects to simulate the first person experience. By using the latest in web technology, 3D effects, lighting, and sound, they brought the digital models to life. To better illustrate the suite experience for each particular need, an interactive model of the arena was created to help guide prospective clients in finding the perfect suite location and decor. Real-time interchangeable seat views of basketball and hockey games were also implemented to match the viewing angle a suite holder would see from their particular location.


The result was a visually stunning showpiece that quite simply, got people excited. Users were taken through an interactive experience that told the historic story of the old Garden, and brought the New Garden to life. The presentation was slick, yet easy to navigate and follow as it assisted with the established marketing campaign geared toward prospective clients. As a heavy technical undertaking, this piece incorporated several components to coincide in a seamless user experience geared towards showcasing the very best The New Garden has to offer. The project was awarded an industry leading FWA ‘Site of the Day’ award (June 15th 2010), as well as a Communication Arts ‘Webpick of the Day’ award (June 7th 2010). Most importantly, the piece helped drive sales and expand partnership opportunities for the end-client.