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Nissan Open Campaigns Information Architecture & Usability

Nissan Open Campaigns & Response Reporting

The Cordon team was faced with a challenge from Nissan USA to re-evaluate and transform the information architecture of their Administrative Open Campaigns & Response Reporting Platforms. Open Campaigns are essentially recalls – which dealerships use as an opportunity to bring customers back and offer upsells and upgrades on their vehicles. The Response Reporting Platform allows Nissan to track their customers’ response on all direct and e-mail marketing initiatives. When we were approached with this problem, Nissan’s current system was buried within a complicated administrative panel with various UI designs that were outdated and confusing for the user.

Open Campaigns Information Architecture & Design

The challenge with Open Campaigns was that Nissan Head office needed this platform to work from a marketing standpoint as well as from an administrative one. Essentially, Nissan wanted to encourage their dealers to send out open campaigns which have previously been neglected due to the confusion caused by their current system. After extensive wireframing and information architecture revamp, our team came to a solution. Our final product balanced clean and simple UI that used proper hierarchy between global, local navigation and breadcrumbs. Relevant marketing imagery was placed in the header in combination with full screen promotions artwork giving the interface vibrancy and life.

Response Reporting Information Architecture

We re-architected the system so that the tracking is divided on a National, Regional, Area and Dealer levels, allowing each user a different set of permissions and information catered to their needs. The greatest challenge was organizing the vast amount of reports as well as keeping the user informed of where they were within the interface hierarchically. To resolve both challenges, we implemented the idea of a floating filter that allows the users to either see high level information or have the ability to drill down to detailed views and reports depending on their motivation. The filter bar would float as the header and was constant no matter where the user would navigate within the interface. What really made this floating menu a success is that it also served as a breadcrumbing system that would constantly let the user know what reports they were seeing and how that fit into the grand scheme.